Meet the Band...

Meet the Band...

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Kelli Torrey

Lead Vocals

Kelli began singing when she was just 4 years old, performing on stage for the first time by the time she was 6 and learning to read music before the age of 8. She spent most of her childhood performing in musical theater productions, something she credits as being the best training for utilizing the power, support and emotion with which she still sings. She taught herself to play several musical instruments, (including piano, guitar, flute and drums,) by the time she graduated from high school, during which time she spent more than 7 years training with private vocal coaches, learning to sing a wide variety of musical styles - rock, pop, country, jazz, soul, blues, gospel and even opera. She joined her first rock band at the age of 18, and has since sung in numerous bands over the years, some of which allowed her amazing opportunities, including getting to perform at the NAMM (North American Music Merchants) Show, and singing at several prestigious red carpet events, like celebrity after-parties for the Oscars, the Emmys and the American Music Awards. She has performed at several famous venues, such as the Roxy, Gazzarri's, the Rainbow Room and the Whisky-A-GoGo, and has even appeared on television singing on three different television programs. 
In 2007, Kelli suddenly decided to take a break from her singing in order to spend more time focusing on her family and her personal life. But because music has always been in her blood, she knew she couldn't stay away permanently. In May of 2018 she joined Retrospect, returning to the stage vocally stronger and more confident than ever before. Since then, she has also joined 2 additional bands as well. Proud to be working alongside so many amazing musicians, Kelli has never been happier, singing lead for the bands Ready or Not, Deep Cover  and, of course, Retrospect.


Kelli Torrey   - Lead Vocals

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Ed Davis

Lead Guitar/Vocals

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Ed’s interest in music started very early in his life when he learned how to make a TomTom out of a Quaker Oats container and a piece of innertube in kindergarten. The drum concert that followed caused quite a stir in his inner self.  He was inspired to make a banjo out of a shoe box and fishing line, which he loved playing for everyone. At age 7 his Mom signed him up for violin lessons.. which ended after the first lesson. But by age 9 his mom realized he had developed a fascination for the guitar, so she signed him up for lessons with a teacher down the street from their house, and he’s been hooked ever since. In 1963, a career change for his mother moved the family to Scottsdale, Arizona. Through a stroke of good luck, Ed joined a garage band called Thee Noblemen which played for proms, church dances and city activities. They also competed and won numerous "Battle of the Bands" competitions. In his 20’s, music became his career. In 1973 he moved to LA, where his band The Power Formula was signed by producer Bob Keane of Del-Fi Records. They recorded an album, with an instrumental single making "Pick Hit of the Week" in the south. However, the band and the producer soon parted ways over contractual issues, the album was never released and eventually the band broke up. In late 1974, Ed entered the Insurance business through one of his ex-band mates from Thee Noblemen. In the early 80’s he played in a band called Fun, but then took a long hiatus from music. He resurfaced a few years ago when he started jamming with some golf buddies in the band The Pot Belly Stoves (eventually reformed as Retrospect), while also simultaneously playing with a second band, Wing It.

Ed and his wife Janet currently own an aviation insurance agency, in operation since 2003.

Ed Davis   - Lead Guitar

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Tom Rincker


Tom's fascination with all things audio began with him burping into tape recorders at the age of four. When given his flutophone in 4th grade he chose to play along with the radio instead of playing "Für Elise" with the other students.Trombone got him through high school where he played in all the music opportunities available, including all the stand up solos in jazz band. When reaching college, a pick-up rock band formed in the dormatory common area, and Tom knew trombone wouldn't cut it (after all, there's only one Chicago !) He felt left out, so he traded in his trombone for his first electric bass. He's stuck with that choice ever since, playing in a variety of bands since the 80's. After taking some time off playing, Tom serendipitously met Ed Davis at a Van Nuys airport board meeting where they discovered each other's love of music. After a short jam session they decided that they wanted to play more. They met up with some of Ed's friends for a bigger jam that eventually grew into the band Wing It . Tom remains in the band today, currently playing as a members of 3 bands simultaneously: Wing It , Deep Cover  and Retrospect
Tom's love of audio has blessed him with many exciting gigs, including sound designer for Los Angeles theater, both equity and non equity shows, earning him two Dramalogue Awards, mixing and producing radio promo spots for "The Dr. Phil Show" and "The Doctors" for CBS Paramount, as well as a host of other audio and video projects throughout Southern California.

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Tom  Rincker   - Bass/Vocals

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Robert Cruz


Robert's musical journey begin in 1983 when he took up alto sax in his middle school concert jazz band. However, the drums called to him, and when the school band drum seat opening up the next year, he vowed to make it his, (despite never having played drums before or even owning a drum set.) Determined, he woodshedded by playing along to the radio using hair brushes and pillows, saving up enough from a summer of mowing lawns to buy his first drum set: a well-used blue sparkle CB700 with pawn shop trash can cymbals. By start of the 1984 school year, he had learned enough to secure the concert jazz band spot. Joining his first band soon followed, playing his first ever live gig at the tender age of 14. He continued playing and recording with several heavy metal, rock and funk bands throughout the 80's and early 90's, playing famous L.A. clubs like the Dancing Waters, the Troubadour, the Roxy, the Whisky a GoGo, Gazzarri's and many more. During this time, he was also pursuing education in architecture and engineering. Upon graduating college in 1995, he realized it was time to cut the hair and begin his engineering career. From that point on, playing his drums was relegated to the occasionally jam session - that is until he decided to join The Pot Belliy Stoves in 2016 (the band that eventually reformed in 2018 to become Retrospect). 

Robert's experience playing all styles of rock, jazz, funk and blues have turned out to be the perfect compliment to the diverse genres and unique arrangements preferred by Retrospect.

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Robert Cruz - Drums

Piano B&W

Brian Barker



Brian Barker   - Keyboards

Brian’s parents, both working church musicians, started him on piano lessons at age 5.  In 4th grade, he began studying under concert pianist Bill Medley, and played his first major piano concerto at age 11 with a college symphony.  In eighth grade, Brian taught himself to play the 5-string Scrugg’s-style bluegrass banjo, and two years later became the town banjo instructor.  He also taught himself to play the electric and classical guitar.   Brian’s early musical tastes were heavily influenced by the big progressive rock bands like Yes, ELP, Rush, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Dixie Dregs and Jethro Tull, where keyboards played a major role.  Additionally, Brian was fascinated with synthesizers at an early age, beginning with Switched-On Bach, and idolized the early keyboard pioneers like Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson.  Brian continued to study piano while working on his engineering degree at Iowa State University, and also began to explore blues and jazz improvisation with major influences from Keith Jarrett, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner and Charles Brown. Brian continued to play piano casually in his early twenties while devoting himself to playing rugby – taking great care to preserve his fingers!  He also began to play in local cover bands in the early 1990’s, and began his first explorations with home music production.  Directly following his final rugby retirement, however, at age 36, Brian was accepted into the graduate piano program at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Fredonia, where he studied intensely for 5 years under the tutelage of concert pianist Robert Jordan.  He earned his master’s degree in piano performance in 2002 with an emphasis in post-Romantic and contemporary Spanish music.  During his studies, Brian played in numerous recitals and concerto competition, one of which he won playing the Beethoven 2nd Piano Concerto.   

Today, Brian owns a thriving aerospace engineering consulting business which supports his musical life.  He has a home studio full of synthesizers and keyboards and produces electronic music as his busy life permits.

Lead    Guitar

Bobby Davis    - Lead Guitar

Bobby Davis


Former Members of

the Band

James Oliver...................................Lead / Rhythm Guitar

Karen Loveless.................................Keyboards / Backing Vocals

Peter Gordon..................................Mandolin / Acoustic Guitar

Former Members of

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